We're saying goodbye ;-(

Dreditor is being decommissioned due to the lack of availability of current maintainers and the fact that Drupal.org is becoming more feature rich at a much faster rate than Dreditor itself now.

This decision was also partially made due to the amount of work (complete rewrite) it would take to create an "official" Firefox extension (#256).

If you already have the extension installed, it should continue working for a while until, inevitably, the markup on Drupal.org changes. It will no longer be updated.

We understand that many of you love this extension, as do we. This isn't the end, in fact, it's a much brighter beginning. All the things we love about Dreditor can, and should, be moved into Drupal.org natively.

For more information, please follow: https://www.drupal.org/node/2779729

Dreditor (short for "Drupal editor" and pronounced /'dɹɛdɪtə/) started as a simple idea for a (greasemonkey) browser user script to help module maintainers, Drupal core maintainers, and developers in general to review patches on https://www.drupal.org.


Dreditor provides multiple applications/helpers for drupal.org and implements a concept of applications/namespaces/modules. The user script can re-use all available data on drupal.org as well as common Drupal development practices.


Install Dreditor for Chrome Safari


Firefox* - Currently Does Not Install

This is a known issue and and a direct consequence by Firefox no longer allowing non-signed extensions to be installed. Unfortunately, due to how this extension used to be a user-script, signing (hosting) the extension through http://addons.mozilla.org is currently not possible.

See this related issue to help get this extension back on Firefox!

Anti-virus software

Some users have reported experiencing issues when attempting to install Dreditor via the button above. If you are encountering similar issues, try to add an exception for this site in your anti-virus software or instead manually install the latest tag (version) from the Automated builds page. Even though some anti-virus software is overzealous in protecting browser extension installations,
Dreditor does not contain any viruses or malicious code. Its entire source code is open source and available for review on GitHub.