Types Of Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioning is the technology that enables to alter the properties of air in an attempt to have more comfortable conditions. Looking at everything available in the market today, it can be confusing and exhausting on deciding for the best option for your cooling needs. For you to settle on any cooling system, you need to consider factors such as cost, size, and physical size among others. Different types of air conditioners include:

Ductless split air conditioning units

Split air conditioners come in various designs, energy ratings and capacity. Their designs inhibit them from using ducts to send cold air throughout the space but rather use refrigeration lines. The same outdoor unit can be hooked with more than one blower. This helps to cool several rooms with an individual cooling controls. You can control the temperature of a whole building by controlling the air handlers in each specific area. They are highly efficient and are more popular among commercial property owners and homeowners.

Wall air conditioning units

These type of units are ideal for cooling the rooms that have no windows, or the windows are not big enough to hold an air conditioner system. Most of these devices have unique features such as remote controls, automatic restarts and timers which make them very efficient. Installation of this system is more permanent and is much more secure for it does not allow any air seepage. Get a compatible unit for rewarding results.

Central air conditioning units

The Verge says that this is the most extensive system you can have inside your building. These systems take fresh air and circulate it through a network of supply ducts and return registers. Their large designs make them be the ideal cooling system for large premises and not one room. The condenser unit is located outward which makes the rooms to have no or less noise when in use. These units act as dehumidifiers thus limits the amount of moisture in the places. Their supply ducts can be put on both floor and wall openings, and grills in the ceilings too.

Portable air conditioning units

These type of air conditioners are designed in a way that all the components are in one case with an exhaust hose that expels the hot air out through a window vent or any wall opening. They are convenient to move from one space to another depending on one’s comfort. They are affordable to everyone for they are cheap and are energy efficient.

Window air conditioning units

Following their names, these units are installed at the windows. They have vents which pull hot air from the space and expel it outside while blowing cold air into space. These type of units are ideal for cooling one room at a time, but with open doors, the fresh air can be circulated to other places. These conditioners save a lot of space. The lack of refrigerant pipes in them makes it very easy to fix them. They are affordable and easy to operate.